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JSC NC “KazMunayGas” represented by the subsidiary KMG Systems & Services” LLP and “Schneider Electric” Company, one of the world leaders in the field of energy management and industrial automation, established a joint venture - “KMG Automation” LLP. The new joint venture, using a local personnel, develops and implements the projects to automating the technological processes of the international standard for various industries in Kazakhstan and, above all for the oil & gas complexes. 

KMG Automation LLP is the subsidiary of Schneider Electric Systems Limited, authorized to import, supply and sell its trademarked products, such as Foxboro, Triconex, SimSci, Wonderware, Avantis, including spare parts, software, services, solutions in the field of industrial automation and other associated services, as well as to provide industrial warranty for products and after-sales services on the territory of Kazakhstan.

KMG Automation LLP is the only entity authorized as Licensor of above listed products in the Oil&Gas segment on territory of Republic of Kazakhstan.


Samples of implemented solutions

Distributed Control System
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
Production Management System
Software for business-process optimization
Control and Measuring Devices and Field Equipment
Safety systems, fire-extinguishing systems and turbomachinery control
Rod Pump Control
Control Boxes, Remote Terminal Units (RTU’s)
Cyber Security Service
Maintenance Service
Distributed Control System

Foxboro Evo Distributed Control System

High functionality for management by critical modes of the continuous processes

  • A significant set of the software applications to increasing the efficiency and productivity
  • Historical database and tools for their analyzing
  • Advanced applications for demanding appliance, including APC, Batch, blending
  • Optimization and Integration with the Business Systems
  • Industrial Applications
  • Optimization of business assets of the enterprises

Available local competence:

  • Delivery
  • Installation  
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Commissioning

Available solutions:

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Wonderware - is a global leader in the field of programming solutions of HMI/SCADA class for visualization, as well as scalable and configurable solutions for operational planning, optimization and production process management. “In Touch” software, which is used at over than one-third industrial units in the world, provides a consistent performance by achieving the following key objectives:

  • Simplicity of engineering
  • Operational flexibility
  • Perfect performance management in a real time for a maximum profitability
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reducing costs and risks and safety improving

Available local competence:

  • Delivery
  • Installation 
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Commissioning

Available solutions:

Production Management System

Manufacturing Execution System — MES – is a program-oriented approach to the production operations management. The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) allows speeding up production and improving the stability test and quality level. In addition, this system shall be used to ensuring compliance with the corporate, customer and industrial regulatory requirements.

Possibilities of Wonderware MES:

  • Improved real-time rendered display of the work orders and priorities for performance optimization;
  • Reduction of the process time, shortening the deviations of parameters and product quality by all information required (working instructions, process and quality specifications) to the operators and equipment;
  • Automatically online registration of the production chronology.

In addition, Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provides and supplements the required context for plant-to-enterprise-integration, allowing a visualization of entire supply chain in “near-real-time” mode. Therefore, this system allows to optimizing a decision-making and increasing the compliance with the business targets, as a result - the satisfaction level by the Customers.

Available local competence:

  • Delivery
  • Installation 
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Commissioning
Software for business and technological process optimization

Avantis - Enterprise Asset Management. Avantis software offering is represented as a base of a solution package for an effective enterprise asset management. These solutions form a single base for maintenance management, control and inventory supply.

 SimCentral - is an innovative integrated and simulation platform, covering the whole of long-term design cycle, modeling, training and also optimization. The models of SimCentral can be solved neither in a stationary nor a dynamic mode. SimCentral allows to configuring user modeling for simulation of new equipment and types of installations or a new phenomena, such as a hydraulic impact.

SimSci APC combines a modern and easy-to-use a graphical user interface (SAP GUI) with a strict and reliable computing mechanism, which reduces the deviations in the process, allowing to work much closer to the production maximum, thereby enhancing the production profitability. SimSci APC was developed not only to compliance with the requirements and expectations from the customers, but also to surpass all expectations of the customers by various functions, that distinguish the SimSci APC from the competitors.

Available local competence:

  • Delivery
  • Installation  
Safety systems, fire & gas detection systems (F&G), turbo generator controlling

Triconex - is a specialized and highly-integrated technology, alongside with the DCS, is designed to ensuring a fail-safe control or emergency stop in the event of failure of the normal operating systems.

The current system is used for controlling the turboblower station.

  • 30 years of experience in creating the safety systems
  • 13’000 safety systems have been installed around the world       
  • 600'000'000 hours of a safe operation of the system without failure during the request

Security solutions for critical control mode:

  • ESD System
  • Fire & Gas Detection Systems
  • Control & Protection Systems of APS
  • Critical  control mode
  • Turbine Generator and Turbine Compressor Management
  • Equipment management with a steam drilling (pumps, blowers and so on)
  • Automatic control systems for steam boilers
  • Consulting Services
  • Risk Assessment, Reliability and Environmental Impact
  • Compliance with the requirements to IEC, TUV, PHA and Hazop
  • Reduction of Critical Impact and Classification Systems
  • Application Software Training

Available local competence:

  • Delivery
  • Installation 
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Commissioning


Control and Measuring Devices and “Foxboro” Field Equipment

Pressure-sensing device

Foxboro pressure transmitter measures total, surplus and differential pressure. Foxboro pressure transformers have used a field-tested reliable technology of sensors, based on the silicon, combining with our widely known a simple and long-life construction design. All sensors have standard housing and modular electronic units, which essentially simplifies an assembling and operation and also shortening the requirements for the number of the reserve parts.

Level instrument

Foxboro has developed the buoy level transmitters for level gauging of the boundary lines and liquid density of any technological processes. Design features of Foxboro level instruments will allow a rapid adaptation to the other measuring ranges without any additional debugging in the laboratory, due to the convenient control menu of buttons at the place or from the remote computer by specially configured software.

Flow meters

Coriolis flow meter is a very high precision flow meter for fluids and gas, which is also a flow densitometer. The first coriolis flow meter for two-phase medium.

Induction (electromagnetic) flow meter is a sustainable solution for flow measurement with low cost of operation and maintenance. 

Vortex flow meter is a high precision flow meter of general operation for measuring fluids, gas and steams.


Intelligent positioners have been developed to control the pneumatic valve actuators and are available in explosion-protected electrical equipment (EEx) and in EEx ia intrinsically safe circuit. Positioners of Foxboro Eckardt offer a highest reliability and operating characteristics that are being the test result, combined with a long history of innovation.

Analytical equipment

They may include intelligent transducers for measuring several parameters, flow sensors for electrical conductivity, diagnostic facilities for sensors of dissolved oxygen and the others, including our unique and sustaining DolpHin sensors, have revolutionized in the field of pH measurement. 

Available local competence:

  • Delivery
Rod Pump Control

Realift RPC- Increased productivity and efficiency

Fully process automation with monitoring in a real-time mode will improve the production conditions of wells (production properties):

  • From simple and single cabinets to integrated control systems
  • Open Communication Standards
  • User-friendly HMI
  • Simple Integration with SCADA System
  • Reliability Optimization of the Equipment and Energy Intensity
  • Production Index Increasing
  • Cutting time and cost of expenses on implementation and reduction the needs for maintenance
  • Increasing the service life of the equipment
  • Fully integrated possibilities for asset management by ClearSCADA.  You may not only run, control or manage the pumps remotely, but also you may centrally download firmware upgrades and program software, not spending the time and expenses for a field service.

Available local competence:

  • Delivery
  • Engineering
  • Design
Control Boxes, Remote Terminal Units (RTU’s)

Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) - is a device for telemetry of remote objects. They can be adapted to any Customer’s requirements or any environmental conditions. Intelligent SCADAPack combines monitoring and communication capabilities of the remote terminal units (RTU) with processing data capacity of programmable controllers, such as: (PLC/PAC) and also ensuring the best functionality, where the remote technological processes are required the automatic management and monitoring.

Intelligent RTU SCADAPack allows to reducing the total cost of system implementation, according to the following functions:

  • Gas flow metering system and pump controlling, combined with the data recording, PLC control and RTU communication in a single device
  • Integrated data recording device with enhanced capabilities, reducing costs
  • Remote configuration and diagnostics will allow the system to be deployed and maintained from the centralized control point by the current communication infrastructure.

Available local competence:

  • Delivery
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Commissioning

Available solutions

Enhanced Cyber Security for Foxboro Control

A control infrastructure designed for your security

As the need to secure critical infrastructure becomes  more important, no element is more critical than the Foxboro® control infrastructure. Invensys® Foxboro Secure-based features now include the ability to centrally manage anti-virus scans, DAT file updates, HIDS, and DlP from one central location on all Foxboro Secure-based systems.

•  ePolicy orchestrator (ePo)

•  Virus Scan

•  Host Intrusion Detection (HIDS)

•  Data loss Prevention (DlP)

•  Active Directory (A/D)

•  Hardened oS

•  Whitelisting

•  Station Assessment Tool (SAT)

•  Backup Exec System recovery (BESr)

Triconex  Tofino Firewall

Securing  OPC  Communications to  Triconex  Safety  Systems

Secure and  reliable  OPC Classic communications between Safety Integrated Systems  (SIS) and primary control  systems can now be realized using a defense-in-depth strategy that  combines the Triconex® Tofino™ Firewall and  the TriStation™ access control  system. This application solution outlines how to secure OPC-based systems at multiple  levels, including Denial of Service (DoS) prevention, protocol sanity checking, real-time TCP port  management and  OPC read-only controls.

The Triconex Tofino Firewall is very simple  to use-- absolutely no configuration changes are required on the OPC clients and  servers--  and  it offers superior security  over what can be achieved with conventional firewall or tunneler solutions. It is designed to automatically interpret standard TriStation controller export XML files and  create refined  firewall rules without  any special  training. Combined with the TCM access list features, the Triconex Tofino Firewall creates the ideal defense-in-depth solution  for better safety integrated system  reliability and  security.

KMGA Service Proposition

Assessment of the installation

Recommendations for safety, reliability and performance, with:

  • Acquisition or extension of the site
  • Cladding of repeated failures
  • Launching a risk management program
  • Decision with increased maintenance costs

Mature Phase Support and LifeTime Phase Support

  • Support for standard hardware products
  • Standard software support
  • Extensions of existing projects
  • Alternative products. Alternative products may be available for sale through the Advantage Upgrade Program.
  • Repair
  • Phone support:
  • Onsite Services

Customer First Program

The primary level is for customers who require an economic balance of fundamental support, as well as flexible service options. This level provides reliable basic support.

The standard level is for customers who need client system support, but solutions for reliable and efficient operation. It provides those support during working hours, the system support and the latest software versions.

Premium level - for customers who require high availability of support, including round the clock emergency support and promptness. Increased additional services designed to expand the capabilities of your business.

Elite Level - for customers with the most important business requirements, ideal for large enterprises or global organizations.

Turbo Machine control

To protect and modernize the quality of turbomachinery, KMGA offers a comprehensive package of solutions and services that can be adapted to every configuration or plant installation. Through the solutions of Triconex ™, Modicon ™, Wonderware®, SimSci ™ and Foxboro®brands, we offer the following industry solutions and services:

  • Control over gas turbines, steam turbines, hydraulic turbines, compressors and generators
  • Integrated control of the compressor turbine (ITCC)
  • Generators and automatic voltage regulator (AVR)
  • Comprehensive management solution and service packages covering generation, compression and pumping
  • Human Interface Interface (HMI)
  • Station management for storage and transportation
  • Control systems for fleet, power (PMS)
  • Dynamic simulation modeling and operator training systems (OTS)

Migration of PLC and DCS equipment

Protecting current equipment and upgrading past equipment with the latest technology.

  • Quick wiring adapters to save existing I / O wiring
  • Software converters
  • Expertise of migration
  • Brand solutions from other companies (agreement with third parties of the company)

Multi-year service plans

  • Focus on the core business and minimize unplanned costs:
  • Preventive maintenance plans,
  • 24/7 hotline with expert help,
  • Extreme on-site intervention,
  • Emergency supply of spare parts,
  • Asset Management on the Internet,
  • Spare parts management

Trade marks

Samples of implemented solutions

DCS upgrade Project
Pipeline RTU
RGI Project (Raw Gas Injection)
Spiking and Solids (Fast Track)
Breathing Air project
Provision of engineering support for Kashagan ICSS
Ongoing support for Unit 3 DCS and Safety Systems
Unit 3 Risk Reduction Project
Wellhead HIPPS systems
Site ICSS survey report
Gas export metering station
1. Kashagan: DCS upgrade Project

Location of Project: Kashagan Offshore / Onshore


•Upgrade to DCS Servers/Workstations to Utilise latest hardware and Software.

Detailed Work:

•Evaluation of latest Hardware and Software
•Replacement of Matrikon Alarm Management System
•Provision of Hardware for Site Installation
•Site Work packs to encompass all Hardware and Software changes
•Transferring of existing site configuration onto new platform
•Virtualization of system components to minimize system footprint.

Technologies used:

•DCS: Fox-IA, Foxboro Evo

Additional Notes:

•As one of the largest ICSS implementations in the world, major upgrades to the system infrastructure necessitate a significant client investment.
•This project is focused on minimization of cost and site impact whilst implementing leading edge technology.
2. Kashagan: Pipeline RTU

Location of Project: Kashagan Onshore


•Upgrade project to replace five RTU’s (Remote Telemetry Unit) on the trunk lines linking on-shore and off-shore production facilities at the Kashagan oil field.

Detailed Work:

•Detailed engineering and design
•New RTU equipment procurement and supply of equipment
•New RTU configuration and programming including conversion of the existing control algorithms to the new software platform with a goal to minimise the impact of the system migration to the host SCADA system
•Development of Modbus Interface to Trident SIS
•FAT of all five RTU stations in KMGA Atyrau Office
•Preparation of the project documentation including generation of work packs
•Supervision of work in the field including old equipment demolition and replacement with the new system, rewiring of the marshalling panels and external equipment
•New system commissioning, startup and handover to the operations
•Generation of the AS BUILT documentation package

Technologies used:

•SCADA RTU: Foxboro SCD-2200
•Communication Protocol to SCADA: DNP3

Additional Notes:

•Major project objective was to minimize 
3. Kashagan: RGI Project (Raw Gas Injection)

Location of Project: Kashagan Offshore


•Modification of control system for 4 offshore wells from production to injection.

Detailed Work:

•Modifications to existing systems to add additional I/O
•FAT of software modifications in Atyrau Offices
•Provision of site work packs to facilitate modifications
•Modification to site software & Hardware to implement changes

Technologies used:

•DCS: Fox-IA,
•SAFETY: Triconex

Additional Notes:

•Interface to third party HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection System) based on Trident and HIMA.
4.Kashagan: Spiking and Solids

Location of Project: Kashagan Onshore


•Addition of Walnut Shell filter (Interface to Siemens Control System) and system modifications to control the plant produced water quality.

Detailed Work:

•Modifications to existing systems to add additional I/O
•FAT of software modifications in Atyrau Offices
•Provision of site work packs to facilitate modifications
•Modification to site software & Hardware to implement changes

Technologies used:

•DCS: Fox-IA,
•SAFETY: Triconex

Additional Notes:

•At the client request, the project was conducted as a ‘Fast-Track’ project in close co-ordination with representatives of the Main Engineering Contractor (PSNK) being located at the KMGA to facilitate fast turnaround of technical queries.
•All objectives and deliverables were achieved on time.
5. Kashagan: Breathing Air project

Location of Project: Kashagan Offshore


•  Replacement of existing A/B SLC based Breathing air, Airlock control system.

Detailed Work:

•Reverse Engineer existing A/B Logic and produce C&E’s / Narrative.
•Specify and procure necessary hardware.
•Code Triconex to approved documentation
•Additional modification to existing site code for existing airlocks.
•Test including FAT
•Assistance with installation and site commissioning 

Technologies used:

•SAFETY: Triconex
•PLC: A/B SLC500 (Decommissioning)
6. Kashagan: Provision of engineering support for Kashagan ICSS.

Location of Project: Kashagan Onshore / Onshore


•In addition to existing project, KMG Automation provides 17 FTE positions on a rotational basis supporting the Kashagan DCS, Safety and SCADA Systems.
7. Ongoing support for Unit 3 DCS and Safety Systems


•In addition to existing project, KMGA provides 3 FTE positions on a rotational basis supporting the Kashagan DCS, Safety and SCADA Systems.
8. Unit 3 Risk Reduction Project


•Live Replacement of Relay based ESD system with 5 HIMA based systems and addition of new FOX I/A components.

Detailed Work:

•Review of existing relay based ESD system.
•Specification and Procurement of New System Cabinets.
•Review of HIMA supplied software
•Site installation and Commissioning 

Technologies used:

•DCS: Fox I/A

Additional Notes:

•This project was conducted hot (on a live plant). Each of four trains was shut down to facilitate changeover but otherwise only minimal impact was caused to plant operation. The system has been in operation for over 18 months without incident.
9. RMS “Y” - LER


•Provision of Package enclosure for electrical, Telecommunication and Control/Safety Systems.
•Detailed Work:
•Specification and Procurement of hardware and enclosure.
•Electrical Design of enclosure
•Testing including preliminary testing in FAT
•Transport to site
•SAT, Installation and Site Commissioning

Technologies used:

•SCADA: Intouch HMI
10. Wellhead HIPPS systems


•Provision of HIPPS systems at wellheads.

Detailed Work:

•Design of HIPPS systems.
•Procurement of Hardware
•Coding of software
•Testing including FAT
•Site installation, SAT and Commissioning 

Technologies used:

•SAFETY: Trident

Additional Notes:

•This project included an interface to the site Honeywell TDC based DCS.
11. Site ICSS survey report


•Provision of detailed review of site SCADA/PLC/F&G systems.

Detailed Work:

•Survey of existing hardware and Software
•Update existing site architecture drawings
•Provide report with specific recommendations for system enhancement

Technologies used:

•SCADA: A/B RS View, Phoenix Contact VISU+
•PLC: A/B Controllogix PLC, A.B Directlogix
•F&G: Autronica F&G Panel, Alcorex F&G Panel 
12. Gas export metering station

Location of the project: Kazakhstabm Atyrau region, Makat

Work assignment

  1. Purposes/tasks/requirements/problems

The implementation of the flow management system was required for a gas export station that is intended for the discharge measurement of the fuel gas on the four gas streams.

The discharge measurement of separate flows is carried out by two flowmeters, such as: FloBoss S600 + by Emerson firm, connected to the two gas chromatograps GC1, GC2, providing the analysis of gas components.

The flow control will be provided by the redundant controllers: Allen-Bradley ControlLogix.

Two Moxa converters, which are the gateways for network communication of the devices with the protocols of Modbus, RTU/asci/ TCP and Ethernet /IP are used for data transferring to the remote terminal RTU, which in turn transmits the data to the main SCADA system and DCS.

All system components must be redundant.

The project goal is to configure the SCADA system, that is not only outputted  the flow data of MPIC, computational data, gas chromatographs to the human-computer interface, but also formed the hourly, daily, monthly reports and reports for the chemical composition of the gas.

 2. Solution of KMG Automation

Two independent SCADA servers provide the interface of the computational flow controllers, PLC - control and the report preparation.  Wonderware system platform was selected as the SCADA system, which is not only performed the functioning of dispatching and HMI, but also formed online reporting and archived and saved in a PDF format.

The technological displays show full information on gas metering unit.

The essential technological display of the installation of the 4 flows shows the status of each stream and the status of MPIC at each flow:

- Temperature sensor

- Pressure unit

- Pressure differentiator

- Pressure unit of inlet manifold

- Pressure unit of discharge manifold

- Due point analyzer by water

- Due point analyzer by hydrocarbon

Real time data from the Flow calculator and Gas Chromatographs is displayed in parallel, as resource data A and B.

Dream Report was additionally implemented for incident reporting and messages.

The structural diagram for system architecture of metering station is given below.

The fundamental types of data sources for the SCADA system: Controllers: FloBoss, Allen-Bradley Control Logic, Gas chromatographs as well as software solutions, based on the SQL scripts are used for archiving the data reporting.

3. Conclusion. Result. Profit.

The concept of SCADA system

The installation of Wonderware InTouch is (classical - local) at each redundant server, connected to the system.

Creating of a reporting system at Dream Report Wonderware and InTouch SQL

Creating of HMI on the basis of InTouch

Configuration of reports and archival data storing in a PDF format at the directory for a period of 5 years

Feasibility of creating an online reporting by an operator and printout or storing at the directory

The capability of operator to entering data (setpoint values, chemical elements) via the SCADA system directly to the FloBoss flow computer, taking into consideration the difference of the same values at redundant calculators. 

HMI control

The flow control screen is the host interface for flow control via HMI. The operator assigns a priority order for each flow, where the flow rate between low and high flow rate limits (configured by the operator) shall be maintained by Allen-Bradley PLC-system. 

The standard control commands for MPIC have been also provided.

Application of casualty situation report and events at each flows and report archive allowed to monitor the technological process in real time mode, excluding a fully necessity of a site-visit.

Any hazard and operability are recorded in a protected archive and cannot be changed.

The hazard and operability have increasingly decreased and allowed to optimizing the service personnel and reducing the cost of trucking and transportation.

Exact calculation of sales gas on the basis of generated reports

The project executives of KMG Automation after project implementation have trained the local staff to using this system.





Training Center

The KMG Automation training center is located in Atyrau city and conducts technical trainings  for employees of all enterprises and organizations that use our company's products or design and implement systems using the company's equipment and software.

In order to enroll for trainings, please leave a message via email: aliya.aitmagambetova@kmga.kz

Open set for TUV training, more information  tab "News" or send us an email.

Foxboro, DCS

2001v8 Configuration Essentials

2100 Integrated Control

2101 Continuous Control

2102 Sequence Control and Ladder Logic

2103 Advanced Block Configuration

2004 AIM Historian

2007E Windows System Administration IA Series (material for Win 7 /Win 2008)

2009 Advanced System Administration

2211E Mesh Control Network

2652 Foundation Fieldbus w/IACC

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Triconex, Safety System

8100 Triconex Cyber Security

8902 TRICON-TriStation 1131 Comprehensive

8903 TriStation 1131 Standard Programming

8903S Triconex Safety Considerations

8950 TriStation 1131 Advanced Programming

8801 TUV Functional Safety Engineer Training

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